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Young scientists forum

The Norwegian Government, as well as the governments of other Arctic countries, wishes to draw attention and resources to the High North, both through investments and initiating platforms for cooperation in the northern regions. Geo-politics, climate change and socio-economic consequences make international and interdisciplinary interactions important to meet the challenges and opportunities facing the populations in these areas. 

The Young Scientist Forum (YSF) of ARCTOS proposes to become an arena for young scientist working in the High North, where networking, cultural exchange and future collaborations will be given optimal conditions to develop and grow. Creating a meeting point for young scientists working within the High North is an important investment in collaboration and understanding in the region. Exchange of knowledge and perspectives will create synergetic effects throughout the area and prepare the ground for cooperation in the years to come. Sharing such experiences with the public is important to amplify the effect of this scientific and cultural melting pond. Communication of scientific meetings over the borders will involve the public and enhance the general awareness and understanding for the development in the processes taking place in the High North.

The project was developed after the first successfull PhD workshop at Arctic Frontiers in 2007, where 50 young scientist from Northern Europe, Canada and Russia met for scientific discussions in Tromsø.  ARCTOS saw this arena as a possibility for Tromsø to establish itself as a network cradle – a place where international networks between young scientist could be initiated and nurtured. The County of Troms supported the project and funded the first period.

Young Artists & ARCTOS

Experiences of a Young Artist participating on an ARCTOS cruise to Svalbard.

"Kunsten kan ikke løse klodens utfordringer, men den kan bidra i en positiv retning".

Interview with Eirin Støen, who was one of the young artists invited on the ARCTOS cruise to Svalbard in 2009.

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Artists in the Arctic 2009

Young Scientist Forum

More than 30 young artists applied for the 4 scholarships to join an Arctic cruise in the summer of 2009. After the committee had evaluated all candidates, the following 4 artists were chosen and offerd this opportunity: Toril Johannessen, Thomas Østby, Marius Dahl and Merete Røstad.

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Networking Young Scientists

The project facilitates network establishment between young scientist in the circumpolar region, creates dialog with the community through cross-over processes between science & art and exposes the life, industry and culture of the High North to the international arena.


Through the Young Scientist Forum ARCTOS aims to build network arenas for young scientists living in, interested in or working in the circumpolar region. The idea is that forces joint at an early point in the career development will strenghten the cooperations and network of tomorrow. 


Science and art


Alongside the scientific network acticity, ARCTOS also wish to improve and enhance the community dialog throught involving artist in the scientific work. Historically scientists and artists have always had a close relationship and ARCTOS wishes to revitalize this fruitful communication throught the Young Scientist Forum. By inviting young scientists to the scientific fieldwork in the Arctic, YSF hopes to raise the public interest and awarness of polar issues.

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